How Can QR Codes Help Your Business?

Have you noticed these interesting little squares popping up on everything from burger wrappers to business cards? QR (Quick Response) codes were originally started in Japan, and are becoming a big hit everywhere. These black and white designs are actually “quick response” codes that turn web addresses, vCards, or any kind of text into a jumble of pixels that you can scan onto your smartphone instantaneously, no typing required. Many restaurants are using them in menus to help you locate the nutritional values of the dish right from their menus. Realtors are taking advantage of them on the side of properties to allow you to scan the code and instantly receive the listing online with all available information. With a quick scan with your cell phone you can become a fan of a Facebook page, record contact information, enter a contest, visit a website, send a text message all without entering any data.

Ready to try QR Codes? Many smartphones are already equipped with scanning applications. You can also download a scanner at no cost from Blackberry’s have a QR scanner application available also at no cost from the Blackberry Store online. Once you have your scanner downloaded simply snap a picture using the application and it will direct you to the QR code’s page or function.